Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your meat different?
Our meat is different because it comes from our family-owned meat processing facility, which is fully inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. We are one of only 78 fully inspected red meat facilities in Ohio and the only one in Fairfield County. Being fully inspected means that an inspector is on site when the meat is being processed to check for quality and to insure that we follow safe food handling practices. We cure and smoke our own hams, bacon and smoked sausage, plus we make our own brats, Italian sausage and bulk sausage. Our store makes fresh ham salad and beef BBQ each week. We do not add any additives or preservatives to our fresh meat. Plus, our meat is not prepackaged, so you can get only one or several pieces and you can pick which pieces of meat you purchase, if you choose to do so. Because we process our own meat, there are times when we may be out of certain pork or beef products. If you have a special event coming up, call us to place an order so that we can reserve what you need for you. We apologize for any inconvenience but please keep in mind this allows us to provide you with fresh quality products.
Where does your meat come from?
We regularly purchase animals from local farmers to process the meat for our customers. The farmers we purchase from do not use growth hormones and limit their antibiotic use to an as needed basis instead of on a preventative basis like the big factory farms do. Animals that have been given antibiotics cannot be processed for a set period of time after the treatment.
Is your meat previously frozen?
No, unless you purchase a meat box, frozen hamburger or sausage patties, a quarter, side or whole animal. The meat in our store case is not previously frozen.
What if I want a special cut?
Because we do not use preservatives, we limit how much we cut each day to insure you get a fresh, quality piece of meat. If you do not see what you want in the meat case, ask and we can probably cut it.
Can I buy your meat anywhere else?
Our meat is not available at any other grocery but we do service several restaurants and social organizations in Lancaster.
Do you sell lamb and goat?
Due to the infrequent request for lamb and goat, we do not regularly stock these in our case. However, we can get lamb or goat, or just about any other type of meat, with a little notice.
Do you process chicken?
We do not process chickens but we are very particular about where we purchase them and we can cut the whole chicken into the standard pieces for you.
I have never purchased meat for my freezer before, how should I have it cut?
One of our employees will walk you through this process and will make suggestions on how to best meet the needs of your family.
I do not raise animals but I want meat for my freezer, how does that work?
We can purchase the animal for you to be processed. The cost of the animal will be added to your final cost.
What does hanging weight mean?
This is the weight of the meat before it is cut to your specifications. This is the figure used to calculate your costs. Please remember, the more ground meat you request, the less weight you will actually receive back due to the removal of the weight of the bones.
I want a party tray, what size should I purchase?
Our party trays are custom created fresh for every order. The size to order depends on how many people you intend to feed and what other food items you will have available. The meat and cheese trays are traditionally roast beef, ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, Colby cheese and pickles. The vegetable trays are not technically trays since the vegetables are cleaned, cut and placed in zip top bags for you to place on your own platters. You get to choose from our list which vegetables are prepared for your tray. The vegetable tray also includes ranch dressing. You get to pick which type of fruit you want on your tray and it includes a dip. We use seasonal fruit whenever possible.
Do you offer catering services?
Our meat & cheese, vegetable, and fruit trays are great for informal gatherings and meetings. We also have 5 pound or smaller quantities of potato chips, cole slaw, cottage cheese, macaroni salad, pasta salad, potato salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, pimento cheese, jello parfait, tapioca, and our store-made Beef BBQ and Ham Salad. Plus we can get 5-dozen size packs of buns. We have napkins, disposable cups, plates and silverware, condiments and cold beverages available too.
Do you offer delivery?
We offer free delivery within the Lancaster City Limits with a minimum order of $25.00. Just call us at 653-9606 during our normal business hours and let us know what items you need and we will happily bring them to you.